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    Free Webinar and Introductory Trainings to give you clarity on what the business is all about..

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    A self paced online Masterclass that gives you tools on how to start and grow a successful...

  • There is nothing like having someone to hold you by the hand on this Business Journey, we...

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    Help when you need it and how you need it, we are one schedule away to helping you navigate.

"There is nothing as Great as a business that rewards both your HEART and your WALLET"

Not Sure, Which Course You Should Take? 

Picking a training can be easier if you consider how you learn. Some learners do best in the classroom amongst others while some would rather go step by step through videos and learn as fast or as slow as they prefer. Either choice will result in you finding the knowledge required for success in residential assisted living.


What is the difference between the training and consulting?

The content and training is the same proven system to knowledge and experience in the Assisted Living Intensive with the exception of the customised solution. Rather you will experience a personalised help.

What Our Customers Say...

Malina Spears

I have been trying to start an ALF for years. My biggest dream. Always to no avail then life would happen. My finances became an issues. So I left my dream behind. These past 2yrs I have been looking into information to start my ALF again. Now that My family life was back in align and my finances were doing well. Everyone I ran into was charging hundreds but I wasn't getting much in return.  Then I ran across JaneNK and her course. I have no doubt. I will finally open my ALF now with her great advise and structure.  This course has been a blessing to me.  And I will definitely use what I've learned to be a blessing to others. Thank you so much. I'm finally doing this. 

Fortunate Nwosu

Working with Jane has been enjoyable. I can say she is very knowledegable in knowing what it takes to get your Assisted Living up and running here in MD. She has been able to help me tremendously build up my business and get licensed for my Assisted Living. Whenever I have questions she is right there with an answer or can always point me in the right direction. I will always recommend anyone trying to start an Assisted Living to use Jane as a resource, you can't go wrong.

Wondering if someone like you can be successful doing an Assisted Living Business?  YES! YES! YES!

"Start Your Own Assisted Living Business Today and Make a Difference in your Community."

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