1:1 Mentoring Program with Jane NK

  • I will work very closely with you for 6(Six) Months, hands on from start to finish; focusing on helping you eliminate some of the stress that is involved in the process of licensing your New Assisted Living Home; Includes:

    • Assistance with Paper Work Preparation
    • Licensing Process Navigation
    • Business Plan Customization
    • Assistance with Finding the Right Property/Modification recommendation for existing Property
    • Access to ASBA Intensive Digital Course Platform
    • Marketing System and Coaching
    • Success tools and Coaching
  • I will Use the O(4) Combo Concept to Show you how to build generational wealth through harnessing the hidden treasures in senior care housing and services.

  • I offer Fair and Affordable Payment Plans to help you get on the track to setting up a business that is positioned to be successful and profitable. 

  • I will be your accountability partner to help you overcome the overwhelm; through scheduled Weekly Coaching sessions to help  you stay on track so that you can reach your Business and Legacy building Goals.

"There is nothing as great as a business that rewards Both your HEART and Your WALLET"  

- Jane NK Nwanne

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