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  • Healthcare Workers, who wants to turn their career experience into a lucrative business .

  • Retirees & Empty Nesters, who has room and time to care, and wants to help people while making big money at the same time.

  • Real Estate Investors, who wants to serve and provide senior care housing to baby boomers and over 10,000 seniors that turn 65 everyday.

  • Caregivers, who wants to turn their labor of love into a financial breakthrough.



"Business ownership is the path to financial independence. Working as an employee makes your employer rich while you get nowhere"

  • Are you a dedicated healthcare worker who loves the satisfaction that comes from helping those who can’t help themselves?

  • Do you cherish the opportunity to change lives but want something more for your life?

  • Do you love your work but find yourself getting tired of the daily grind?

  • Would you like to become your own boss and reap the rewards of owning your own business while continuing to feed your passion for service?

  • You’ve spent years developing your skills and a passion for service, now you can leverage that experience into your own business!

2021 is going to be a huge year for the residential family-setting assisted living and I want you to be ready to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Discover Why is the family-setting style assisted living center the future of assisted living!


The home based assisted living center opens up this business opportunity to everyday healthcare workers, and individuals who want to run their own center.

  • People don’t want their parents or grandparents in a cold clinical hospital like atmosphere with 100s of resident, they want them in warm homelike environment.

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Jane NK Nwanne

I have over 13 years experience in Assisted living business. Due to the projected increase in the number of aging population, I have been getting a lot of request from people that wants to open their own Assisted living facility. So I began coaching new and aspiring Assisted business owners, and sharing all the tips, secrets, and strategies that I used to turn my passion and experience into a profitable business with very little experience, and very little investment.


Janenk is very passionate and knowledgeable about the Assisted living business. She helped me throughout the process of opening my own Assisted living. She worked with me from beginning to end. She made the Licensing process so easy for me because I had no idea where to start.

Goldyon – Amani Best Assisted Living.


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